Hazardous Waste Transportation

Hazardous Waste Transportation and Removal Services 


DCE is one of Southern California’s premier hazmat teams.  Call on us to properly remove hazardous waste from your property.  

Our priority is to provide peace of mind to our valued clients. We are fully trained, licensed and experienced in hazmat removal and totally dedicated to protecting the environment. DCE safely removes hazardous materials from your property to eliminate their dangers to you and to the environment.  


When You Need Us:

  • Toxic waste spills
  • Removal of harmful industrial byproducts
  • Discovery of hazardous materials like asbestos or lead

Whatever the reason for needing hazardous waste management, DCE has you covered. 


We offer 24/7 on-call preparedness to answer your emergency hazmat situations.

Hazardous Waste Management Services Include:

DCE offers off-site treatment and disposal alternatives for both bulk and containerized waste.  Our TDSF network provides wide-ranging waste management options based on RCRA liability, recyclability and price including:

  • Waste characterization and profiling
  • Waste minimization and recycling
  • RCRA and Non RCRA hazardous waste
  • Bulk liquid and bulk solid waste
  • Universal, batteries and electronic waste
  • Mercury waste
  • Biowaste removal

One exception:  DCE does not handle explosive or radioactive materials. 

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